Gabriel Grier

Gabriel Grier

General Manager


About Coach

Gabe is the General Manager at Parkside CrossFit. He is in charge of the daily operations, staff, and more. His story at Parkside CrossFit is truly amazing. Several years ago, Gabe decided to try CrossFit. He went to several gyms and had really bad experiences - and then he stumbled upon Parkside CrossFit and his life was never the same. Gabe became a member and was immediately a pillar in the community. He was always amazing to have in group sessions, would always help the least fit members, would finish the workouts with those finishing last, and was always supportive. In short, he was the perfect representative of Parkside. CrossFit. So, we offered him an internship to become a coach, and he thrived. Then he became a Coach, then the Head Coach, and now the General Manager. He has gone above and beyond every step of the way. His journey is incredibly inspiring and really shows how far someone can go when they put their mind to something. It is basically impossible to not be in a good mood around Gabe. Hopefully, everyone can see how far you can come with a little hard work and determination! Gabe runs the gym, but still coaches a few classes, and is available for a select few personal training sessions. Note from Gabe: “Hello, all! Coach Gabe here. Passionate, wild, and weird sums me up fairly well. I got my certification because I love Crossfit methodology and changing people’s lives for the better. I love rock climbing, obstacle racing, and really anything athletic! I can’t wait to meet you, welcome you to the fam, and hear about your journey!”

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