Alex Munos



CrossFit L1

About Coach

Alex started CrossFit at a young age, and has been hooked ever since. At Parkside CrossFit, he goes above and beyond on a regular basis, and is truly a great asset to the Parkside CrossFit team. He didn't have much experience when he joined the staff, but it took 30 seconds to realize how badly he wanted to help people, and to see his potential as a Coach.<br /> <br /> He is outgoing, friendly, and a truly caring individual. Alex coaches a lot of our classes, does many personal training sessions, and is involved in reaching out to all of our members every week, so we can keep them accountable, and let us tell you, he excels at it because he really loves seeing people improve their fitness.<br /> <br /> Note from Alex:<br /> <br /> “I started CrossFit when I was 15 and it was something my Dad and I could do together for fun. Since then, I have grown into a coach with an appreciation for human movement and a passion for teaching. I am stoked to have an opportunity to follow my dream of teaching CrossFit here at Parkside, one rep at a time.”

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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