In one year Crossfit has taught us discipline and perseverance more than any other experience in our lives. Coach Randy has challenged us and has turned our can’t-do minds and bodies into can-do machines. Crossfit helps us de-stress from our busy days and gives us the opportunity to have fun together in a safe, welcoming, yet testing environment. We are much stronger and fitter than with any other exercise we have tried in the past, even personal training. The innovative workouts keep us engaged, but the sense of community and belonging keeps us coming back.
Fio and Alex

I started Parkside CrossFit at the end of May 2014. At first I was not sure if it was for me, but after a week, I’ve never felt so certain. It’s always something different: I never know what to expect exactly. Testing my limits and expanding upon them is the greatest feeling of accomplishment. From my first rope climb to double-unders to assisted pull-ups, I’ve noticed a difference. The visible difference is slight, but it’s there. I definitely notice my clothes sagging more than I notice any abs.
Michelle N.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Randy about a year ago. He is a great coach and a great man. He tailored the workouts to meet my abilities and pushed me towards my goals. I have recommended several people to Parskide and will continue to do so. Best of luck to coach.
Joe G.

I absolutely love coming to parkside to workout! Randy is a great coach! He takes the time to teach every move. Every visit everyone there keeps you motivated and pushes you to do better than the last time.. I recommend it to all my friends and family.. it’s worth every penny!
Ashley W.

Randy knows his stuff. When I really commited to showing up. He pushed me past my comfort zone in a way that built my confidence. I’m over 50 and I can’t do what the 20 year olds are doing, but I can do more than I thought I could do. I will always hate burbies, but I feel great after I’ve done them. Thanks Randy!
Jonathan C.

Meeting Coach Mulkey and the gang has been a life changing experience. If I had been told on February 5, 2014, when I started at age 67, that I would loose 35 pounds and be in the kind of shape I am now, I would not have believed it. I do not believe it now. It all seems like a dream to me. I can do things now that I never thought I would be able to do, such as “skin the cat,” 225 pound dead lift, row 10,000 meters in 56 minutes, run a mile, “wall walk,” and “goblin squat.” Being able to make a list like this from memory impresses me. This is the best I have felt both physically and mentally. I look forward to going to Parkside Cross fit every morning. The first question I asked coach Mulkey on the phone when I first talked to him was: can old guys do this? I still have not got a straight answer to this question.

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