Randy Mulkey - Owner/Head Coach

I’d begun Crossfit training in 2007.

So enthusiastic was I about this incredible program that I decided to start passing it on to anyone who could be talked into training with me. We were a shoestring operation, but we made up in spunk and creativity what we lacked in capital and real estate.

Eight months after starting CrossFit, I’d competed in the 2008 Games. That was back when anyone could throw down; no age groups, no qualifying, just pay your fee, sign the waiver and 3-2-1-Go! I skipped the 2009 Games for lack of a division I could qualify for, but in 2010 some wise soul decided a Masters Division would be a good idea, and I was off to the races once again. I pulled out a 13th place finish in the new 50 and over division that year, and the stage was set for the next logical step: smaller age groups, starting at 45 and going to 60 + in 5 year increments. This led to a 10th place finish in 2011 in the 55 – 59 division.

You‘ve heard it said that “every second counts.”  Well, 2012 and 2013 saw me edged out of a Games slot by quite a few of those seconds.  I guess there are a lot more Super Geezers out there than I’d thought!  However, in 2014 I managed an eighth place Open finish in the 60+ Division and went to the Games for the fourth time.  After the toughest competition yet and despite pulling off a fourth place finish in the Chipper event, I finished up at 17th.

Dept. of Perspective Dept.:  in 2008 we had a total of 300 male and female competitors at the Games.  In 2014 the Open competition began with over 600 in my division alone. Looks like the days of being a big fish in a little pond are over!

Though not all my athletes have a passion for competition, CrossFit is by its very nature competitive. You go up against the clock, yourself, your friends, and that friction sharpens the edge we all need to, as we say, “not suck at life.” The reason CrossFit gets results is that we look that Darwinian reality in the eye. We prepare for the “unknown and the unknowable.” As they say in Special Forces, we sweat in training so we don’t bleed in battle. If that sort of training appeals to you – that is, daring to attempt the impossible on a daily basis – then CrossFit might be for you. However far you take it, however painful it gets, chances are that every step on the journey – what some call the “Path to Mastery” – will be one step further than you ever thought you could go.