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Welcome to Parkside Crossfit

PCF has gone urban!  We used to hold court in the Great Outdoors; now we’ve brought that same rugged training to our new facility right here in the heart of the NoHo Industrial District.  Our athletes range from seven to sixty seven. Head Coach Randy Mulkey brings the same experience to bear on our programming that took him to four CrossFit Games and three top-20 finishes.

Why Parkside Crossfit

  • Quality of Coaching +

    My first CrossFit box in 2007 was only the second affiliate in Los Angeles and the 27th in the world. By 2014 the number of official affiliates had passed 10,000. Read more
  • Intimate, Family Atmosphere +

    What can we say? PCF is the “Cheers” of CrossFit. It’s the box where everybody knows your name. Read more
  • Testimonials +

    In one year Crossfit has taught us discipline and perseverance more than any other experience in our lives. Coach Randy has challenged us and has turned our can't-do minds and bodies into can-do machines. Read more
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